American Red Cross Blood Drive: Change Lives, Save Lives at White Marsh Mall

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Visit White Marsh Mall for American Red Cross Blood Drive: Change Lives, Save Lives

Location icon White Marsh Mall
Cal icon Now – Fri, Dec 31: 11am – 4pm
Time icon 30th of the month
Make a positive impact on your community

Being part of a community takes action, and we are here to answer that call. The American Red Cross needs the help of blood donors to help ensure blood is available for patients in need. We’re honored to partner with the Red Cross Maryland to use White Marsh Mall as a blood donation center. Let’s raise each other up and support our community together.


Upcoming Blood Drives:

Friday, 12/17: 11am - 4pm

Thursday, 12/23: 11am - 4pm


Location: on the lower level of the mall, across from Rue 21


The American Red Cross has expanded its COVID-19 antibody testing to now include testing for COVID19 antibodies for all blood donors. This will also reveal if antibodies are a result of exposure or vaccination (the testing is enhanced to differentiate the two types of antibodies that be present).  This will provide additional insight for all members of the community to know where they stand pre or post vaccine.